5 Strength Training Myths Every Woman Should Know

5 Strength Training Myths Every Woman Should Know

Myths about weight training among women never seemed to subside. With this article, I want to unveil the most common misconceptions and to share with you the scientific facts about it.

Myth # 1 Weight training will make you muscular and bulky.

Not surprisingly, it is the most popular myth among the ladies. Frequent and progressive weight training will not make you muscular. Why? The explanation is simple. Women cannot synthesise naturally enough testosterone (one of the main anabolic hormone) as men. Due to this fact, one lady is impossible to gain significant muscle mass by just lifting heavy.

Relating resistance training to female bodybuilders when thinking about is misleading. Most of these womenweight-king (nothing personal to them, everyone has the freedom to choose) use anabolic steroids (synthetic testosterone) and other additives to develop muscular physics. Moreover, to achieve such results you would have spent hours in the gym lifting weights. Also, most women bodybuilders have a genetic predisposition to gaining muscle mass!

Women bodybuilders do not look that way because of some accident. This requires great efforts padded with synthetic testosterone and proper genetics. If simply conduct training with weights without taking steroids you have no cause for concern. Moreover, weight training help reducing cellulite and with hard work is more likely to look like a fitness model.

Myth # 2 Weight training won’t help in fat loss.

If you want to lose weight and burn body fat we need to do monotonous prolonged cardio workouts to get fit, right?kettlebell

That is absolutely false.

In fact, I have described in one of my previous articles in depth why monotonous cardio workouts are not the most effective method for weight loss. If you want to achieve fast and lasting results in burning fat focus on resistance training!

Myth # 3 Training with weights will instantly melt your waist.

When working out with weight the body does not only burns calories during the workout but for hours afterwards. If you eat fewer calories than you need your body will focus on fat stores to adjust caloric deficit. Remember that you will burn fat from all parts of the body and not from the specific area. Unless you drop below 12% body fat (something extremely difficult, and potentially unhealthy for a woman), you have no cause for concern.

Myth # 4 Weight training will make you stiff and immobile.

If you perform the exercises with proper technique your flexibility will not diminish. Actually, it will significantly increase. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, flyes, bench press with dumbbells and pull-ups provide a full range of motion. In other words, performing these exercises correctly and safely you will be more flexible and mobile.weight training

Myth # 5 If you stop exercising your muscles will turn to fat.

This is like saying that gold can turn into silver. Muscle and fat are two completely different types of tissue. When you stop exercising you will begin to lose muscle mass due to lack of physical activity. Additionally, most people stop focusing on their meals too. Slow metabolism combined with poor eating habits give the impression that your muscles magically transform in fat. But what actually happens is that you lose muscle mass due to reduced activity and accumulate fat due to poor food choices.


The next time you wonder what strategy to choose to fight with your weight consider the information I shared with you. Women who train like men does not mean that they will begin to look like men! Those of you who wish tight body and get rid of excess fat have no reason to be afraid of weights in the gym.

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