4 Tips for Effective High-Intensity Interval Training

One of the most effective techniques for fat burning is high-intensity interval training (HIIT ) in the form of sprints, biking and more. This type of exercise saves time and could be a nice variation to your current workout.
One of the reasons why high-intensity interval training is so effective is because they combine anaerobic and aerobic systems. This will burn fat during and after training as metabolic rate speeds up due to increased post-workout consumption of oxygen.
Here are the 4 basic rules for the effective performance of high-intensity interval training.

1: Work Hardsprints
During the intense part, you must give 100% of your ability. Give everything in these short intervals. Prepare your mind to experience some pain! It is absolutely naturally your body to build up a lot of lactic acids which will send signals to your brain to stop. You have to ignore this defensive mechanism and stick to the training protocol. The lactic acid is harmless and the body will use it as energy or just get rid of it during the active rest period.

2: High-interval Intensity Training should be within 10-30 seconds
Training should last between 10-30 minutes depending on the intensity. Any workout that exceeds 30 minutes cannot be called intense interval workout.
You have to train closer to your limits. Give maximum effort and load the body optimally. You need to remember that prolonged training under such load will increase too much the levels of the stress hormone (cortisol) in the body. This could lead to catabolic (breakdown) processes. Muscle protein begins to breakdown to provide energy to the body. This is an unwanted effect because the loss of muscle mass slows down the metabolic processes!

3: Rest between High-intensity Interval Training should be between 10-120 seconds
During the rest period you restore the energy that you have used during the intense interval. In this way you will be ready for the next interval and will be able to give everything again! Remember that every intense interval should be close to your maximum effort.
Its good idea for beginners to start with longer rests (1: 4). If you are doing intense interval 10 seconds rest 40 seconds. If you do 20 seconds >>> 80 seconds. Give your body the opportunity to get used to the load. Each week, high-intensityyou can reduce the ratio.
2-3 week: 1: 3
4-5 week: 1: 2
6-8 week 1: 1.5
The best approach when resting is to adapt the so called active rest which involve light movements. By adapting light movements during the rest period you actually recover faster.

4: Make sure that the hardest part of your workout is really challenging
The psychological attack is quite strong. You have to fight it and gradually improve training. If you cannot endure for 30 minutes just make it shorter. What matters is that you are there and fight for your results!

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