Triceps Anatomy, Exercises and Tips Part 1

If you really want to reach your potential and achieve an optimal result you would need specific and detailed information on how the muscles work. In the next two articles, I will explain how the triceps work in more depth and provide you with some training ideas and tips.
The triceps are located at the back of your upper arm. It consists of three muscle bellies – the long head, the medial head which is underneath the long head and the lateral head. We are going to focus on the long and the lateral heads because those are the two areas we can target development. The medial head is always involved anyway.
The first thing you need to understand is where the muscle attachments to the bones are. The long head muscle is attached to the back of the scapula. The lateral and medial muscle origins are from the back of the humerus. This means that the long head crosses two joints and will assist pulling your arm down. This is important when you targeting that muscle. Not many people know that the long head actually assists when performing lateral pull downs. If you really want to target this muscle you would want to stretch the muscle. Let me give you an example. If you do a close grip bench press you will stretch this muscle slightly. But if you do a dumbbell/cable overhead extension you would get much more stretch on that particular muscle.
So after you know how to target the long head let’s look the lateral head.
As I mentioned earlier the lateral head originates in the humerus and crosses only the elbow joint. If you move your arm from the shoulder it doesn’t change the length of the muscle. When targeting this muscle you would need to place your arm in neutral next to your body. This way the long head is not that involved and you can really focus on the lateral head. Any exercises with your arm next to your side will target the lateral head. Rope pushdown is a good example. I will give you few tips when performing this exercise to make sure that you are targeting the lateral head. Remember to keep your body in neutral. Also, make sure that the movement comes entirely from the elbow. If you really want to target that muscle make sure when extending the elbows to turn your wrist and bring the thumbs down instead of just pushing straight down.
In the next part, I’ll give you some training approaches and coaching points on how to make your triceps bigger and stronger.

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