Triceps Anatomy, Exercises and Tips Part 2

Today I will bring the theory into practice presenting you a triceps training program which focuses on all heads of the muscle. Before starting any training you should consider your goals and adjust the program accordingly. That is why you would need to adjust the sets, reps and rest periods accordingly to meet your criteria.

If your goal is the strength you should set low range repetitions of up to 6 per set. Make sure you are well rested before the next set. If you want to add more mass you will need to increase the repetitions. In general 8-12 reps is the classicbuild-big-arms-with-hany-rambods-fst-7-workout_05 range. However, this could vary depending on the fitness level, individual characteristics and goals. You should aim for a high-intensity workout, so up to 2 minutes rest between sets. Remember to execute all exercises with appropriate technique. Better lighter and correct then heavier with poor technique.

So, let’s get started

Rope pushdown – focusing on the lateral head

Cable/ dumbbell single arm overhead triceps extension – focusing on the long head

Cable/ dumbbell kickback – focusing again on the lateral head

Dips on bench – focusing on all heads

When I am adopting this routine I go for 4 sets for each exercise. The first set is 15 reps with lighter weights to two-arm-kickbackengage the muscle – mind connection (this is not warm up set). The next two sets would be working sets in the range of 8-12 reps. I am doing my last set as my first one to get a good blood pump. This workout is for muscle size. The rest period is 60-90 seconds between sets.

When I am working on strength and muscle size my first exercise would be close grip bench press because I can work with much heavier weights although engaging other muscle groups. This exercise provides a great result for me. I will exclude the dips in this scenario.

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