Building Bigger Arms Part 2

Sometimes is hard to target a muscle or a muscle group. If you want optimal results you would need to know how to do it. As I promised I will suggest a training program that specifically targets the biceps. However, you would need to make the necessary changes in terms of sets, reps, progressions, etc. to match your personal goals and desires.

Exercise 1: Standing curls with straight bar – to target both heads917294_1581022182215708_2113494121_n

Exercise 2: Standing curls with EZ – depending on the grip you can target any of heads

Exercise 3: Dumbbell preacher curls – you can use an incline bench to focus on the short or inner head of the biceps

Exercise 4: Sited incline dumbbell curls – to attack the long head of the biceps

I would start my first set in each exercise is with lighter weight and higher reps. However, the weights are adjusted to engage and recruit as many muscle fibres as possible. This is not a warm up set. I would go for 20 reps in the first set and 10 reps afterwards. I am focusing on the technique and working with lighter weights in general. I am adaptingbiceps this program to pump the muscles aiming to build that pick of the biceps. As you can see I stick to the basics because I am getting the best results from them. However, you can use dumbbells instead of bars alternatively. When curling with EZ bar choose narrow grip to target the outer head and wider grip to focus on the inner head.

In my next article, I will talk about the brachialis and brachioradialis muscles. Also, I will include my overall arm program for muscle size and strength.

Remember when performing those exercises to adopt a good technique. You can visit Part 1 for more details on coaching point and technique.

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