Round Butt: Glute Training for Women Part 1

Dear Ladies, the glutes are an essential part of a well-balanced physique. Let me take you to the next level with this unique training approach.

If you want better result you need to work hard for it. To develop and lift your butt you need to lift!

The Gold standard is quite: Hip Trusts, Squats and Deadliftsbarbell-hip-thrust

You will find that the glutes involvement when performing the above exercises is greater than any other exercise. My practice and many research findings back up that statement too. The reason behind is because when performing those movements you target the glute muscles from a different angle. You can achieve more muscle activation using heavier load than any other lift. The role of the glutes is complex and its very hard to achieve optimal results with one simple exercise. The tricky part is that those lifts are not always easy to perform. They are multi joint movements with a lot of coaching points, variations and progressions.  I will give you some tips and hints how to perform
optimally and safe those exercises to sculpture your glutes.

Hip Trusts or Barbell Glute Bridge

This exercise has the highest level of glute activation so it’s a good idea to place it first in your routine. When performing the lift you would need to focus on the working muscle and feel the burn. The weight must be transferred on the glutes.  Feet must be flat on the floor at all times. Maintain the back in neutral throughout the entire movement. Remember to lift with your butt! If you train at home or you don’t want to use weights you can perform a single leg glute bridge.


You might be surprised but the deadlift can engage the glutes at a higher degree than the squats. The deadlift is just a heavy triple extension (angles, knees and hips). The trick here is when performing the deadlift to engage fully the glutes. Because the deadlift is a multi-joint movement it could be quite difficult to adapt and perform correctly. It requires great concentration to send the right signals at the right time to fire maximum muscle fibres. Once you fully extend make sure to squeeze those glutes!


You can perform squat with very little involvement of the glutes. However, if you want aesthetic241-1024x682, good looking
rounded butt you need to focus on that area when performing the squat. To do that you need to work on your stance. Wider stance engages the glute muscles more. Heels shoulder width apart is the base line. I would say the inner part of the hill in line with the outer part of the shoulder. When performing the lift and reach the bottom just make sure to fire those glutes on the way up. Use them if you want a result. Remember to squeeze them then reach the top.

If you want results you need to be consistent and determent. Make sure you feel the burn at all times and give 100% effort.

In the next part, I will focus my attention on other exercise alternatives and training programmes.


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