Round Butt: Glute Training for Women Part 2

In Glute Training for Women Part 1, I addressed some basic concepts regarding glute training including a look at the different aspects of muscle load, mechanics and training. In Part 2, I want to look at other exercises that can help glutes development.

As highlighted in Part 1 the top 3 exercises for glute development could be hard to perform. Many other reasons could restrict engaging in those lifts. Today I will introduce you alternatives and approaches to other glute exercises.503847253-56a8f4113df78cf772a22fe4


Lunges are a great exercise for glute and leg development. To achieve higher muscle activation you need an optimal range of motion. Make sure to perform the lunges with wider leg spread. Control the movement all the way through and keep your body upright and back in neutral. The front leg knee should be in line with the ankle. This is important if you want to distribute the weight equally and avoid injuries. When extending focus on the glutes and make sure to squeeze them when fully extended. If you are beginner use dumbbells instead of barbell because it’s easier. You can completely isolate the working leg by placing the other one on the bench and perform single leg lunge.

Glute-Ham Raise

This is another great exercise for glute and hamstring activation. The downside is that you need an equipment to img_3851perform it. If you don’t have a glute-ham machine available, use lat pull down a machine. You need to control the movement in both directions. Slow movement on the way down and pull the hamstrings when extending. Squeeze the glutes at the top and remember to keep your back flat at all times.

Side-lying Hip Abduction

This is an exercise that focuses on the medial glute. Focus solely on using your glutes to move your leg. It’s a great exercise for strengthening the medial glute and you can perform it anywhere.

Make sure to use a full range of motion, maintain good body posture, control movement and maximum effort if you want best results.



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