Complete leg workout. Everything you need to build your legs

I will share with you a variation of my leg day workout. Depending on your goals you would need to mix and match some of the exercises. Also, you would need to work on your volume and intensity.

I would start with leg press drop set or leg flexion/extension supersets. My first set is always light – around 20-25reps. I like to avoid placing too much stress on my joints. Also, it is important to build this muscle-mind connection. Light weights allow me to perform the exercises with good form too. Next 2 sets are heavier making 10 repetitions. The last set I am using the same weights as the first set but making 15 repetitions.dumbbell-lunge_0

The next exercise is the squat. I am using the same pattern as my first exercise. It’s a complex multi-joint movement that requires a lot of concentration. For me is more important to perform correctly rather than heavy. Remember the engage your hamstrings and glutes as well. I like to place my feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and that usually works best for most trainees. Toes point slightly outward and the knees follow the same direction at all times. It is important to keep your back in neutral. If you can’t hit depth with optimal form don’t hit depth. The feet should stay flat on the floor. If you feel the load on your toes or heels this means that the weight is not balanced and you leaning forward or backwards. If you lifting the side of your feet mean that your knees collapse inward. Remember to keep your toes slightly outwards and your knees have to follow through.

shutterstock151423049The lunges are the next exercise. Whether you choose
alternating, walking or another type of lunges depends on your goals. The back knee should drop vertically and the front knee remains
behind the toes. I am doing just 3 sets of 10 reps each leg with the same weight.

28_day_fat_torch_straight_leg_deadlift_18t7h2a-18t7h5eThe final exercise focuses primarily on the hamstrings and the glutes. You can do stiffed leg deadlift or Romanian deadlift. I encourage you to try them both. If you can’t maintain your back in neutral at the bottom just don’t go so low. The health of your back is more important than the stretch of the working muscle. If you are able to do 10 reps of 100kg squat you should be able to do the same when performing this exercise. That applies for both men and women. I am using the same pattern of 4 sets like in the squats.


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