How to Burn Fat and Keep the Results

There are thousands of reasons why people fail in their attempts to lose weight. But perhaps the main one is that most fitness enthusiasts are not aware of the fundamental principles and science behind fat loss.

To illustrate what I mean, I’ll give you an example. Most people think that fat burn when:


Eat healthy

Consume only “clean” foods

Eat fewer carbohydrates

Eat less fat

Eat less “junk” foods.

Do not eat white sugar. Do not eat after 19 hours

And many others … Do not get me wrong, a lot of things in the above list will facilitate and speed up the weight loss process. But by themselves, they are not the root cause of fat burning and never will be. It is important that you are physically active. Yes, it is important to eat healthily. Yes, it is important to be careful with carbohydrates. But if you want to lose weight, there is one thing that is very important and should always come first. And it is called:

Calorie deficit

With one sentence: Burn more calories than you take from food.

Physiologically it is impossible to lose weight without being in a calorie deficit.12507d30690b40d9e0b3b44d99f8bdae

Each person has a unique metabolism and energy expense. Power consumption is the number of calories the body spends each day to procure energy for daily activities from intense workouts like weight lifting and cardio to biochemical processes that keep us alive (like breathing and digestion). Calories are the fuel that our body uses for energy and it comes from the foods and drinks that we consume through the day. Three scenarios may occur depending on our calorie intake:

  1. Calorie optimum. If every day we consume the same number of calories you burn will maintain weight without gaining or losing weight. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. Calorie excess. If the number of calories consumed exceeds the number of expended all the excess calories will be stored in the body in one form or another for future use. And guess in what form is most often stored? Exactly … fats.
  3. Calorie deficit: If the number of calories taken is less than the number needed, the body is forced to find an alternative source of energy to cover the difference. Also, if you eat right and exercise, this source will be body fat.

Getting in a calorie deficitlarge

This can be done in two ways. The first way is to reduce food intake. The important thing is not to become too drastically. If you suddenly reduce your caloric intake in half, the body goes into survival mode and to protect itself it will slow the metabolism and encapsulates and from there will drastically reduce power consumption.

Just in this strategy gets yo-yo effect. That’s when you stop losing weight. When you reached this point, people often decide to reduce the food even further. Ultimately, people start eating fewer calories. This gives you much more damage than you think because you do not obtain such sufficient vitamins and minerals and forests muscle mass. Sooner or later, hunger prevails, you begin to eat as before and everything accumulates as fat. And the worst part is that the ratio of muscle mass to fat varies substantially in favour of the second.

What is the alternative?

The second option is to reduce calories through food less (15-20%) and to increase your physical activity. That is how you can achieve so-called sports deficit. This is the best way to clean fat and tighten your body. Sports deficit may occur with increasing volume and frequency of strength training and cardio. Of course, too much is not good – you have to leave and time for rest and recovery.

You can start by increase your walking which is one of the best activities for beginners. As a low-intensity exercise, the primary source of energy comes from fats. Also, use the stairs instead of elevators and escalators. It sounds naive, but it works. Start to train with your body weight or use some light weights. You can try exercises with own weight at home. Use any method which will increase your movement and activity levels. After you make this sports deficit you will begin to lose weight by itself. You will feel more energetic and toned, and from there will be more healthy and athletic.


I recommend you to get involved in some form of activity at least 3 times a week and spend time running in the park and/or walking.


Keep calorie deficit. Gain enough quality protein and complex carbohydrates eat mostly before and after exercise. Eat enough good fats because they are essential for optimal performance and general health. Leave your one day in the week in which you snacking bit of “forbidden” foods. Many research papers suggest that consuming some of your favourite food from time to time will actually boost your fat burning processes.


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