Water: Source of Power and Health

People are constantly looking for something new in nutrition and fitness exercises to achieve better results, lose weight and improve performance but often overlook the obvious – which is water intake. Why water is important and should not be dismissed lightly?

The most important nutrient in the body is water!water-drink

Our bodies are composed of about 70% water, the muscle tissue of approximately 80% water, blood – 90% water, and the subcutaneous fat of about 50% water. Even the bones contain 20% water! We can safely say that water is essential for the proper conduct of each process in the human body. If the water in our body to decreases by only 2% will lead to dehydration. When this happens to suffer from impaired short-term memory, fatigue and inability to focus.Human body can survive for weeks without food, but would not have passed a few days without water.


If you’re a person who ignores the water intake you are probably making a common mistake. If you want a beautiful and tight body, you have to eat like an athlete to train as an athlete and hydrate as an athlete!

From the perspective of an athlete or even any physically active person, water is #1 dietary supplement for increasing productivity, which helps us feel good during practice and restoring optimal thereafter. There is no cheaper, easier and more efficient way to make the most of our bodies and improve their quality of life.

Without adequate amounts of water, nothing in your body will function properly! Some of the most important processes, which cannot proceed without the presence of water are:


Regulation of body temperature;

Digestion and absorption;

Transporting nutrients;

Construction of tissues;

Disposal of waste substances;

Lubrication of joints;

Brain function and more;

The scarcity of water leads to dehydration. As a result, the body temperature increases. This adversely affects cardiovascular function and reduces the capacity of physical activity. More severe cases of dehydration could lead to overheating, constipation and others.

How much water to take a day

The answer to this question is not as easy as most people think. Water consumption depends on various factors such as age, a level of physical activity, weight, diet, health momentary, weather conditions and others.

The most popular ways to estimate the Optima daily intake of water are two: on the basis of calorie intake or weight basis.

Method 1: Optimal water-based calorie intake

Take 1 ml of water consumed for each kcal.

If the day you consumed the 2,800 kcal, you should drink approximately 2.8 litres of water.

Method 2: Optimum amount of water on a weight basis

The table below will guide you through what is the optimal fluid intake for you based on your age and weight.

Age Water in millilitres per kilogram
16 to 30 years 35-40 mil/kg
31 to 54 years 30-35 mil/kg
55 to 65 years 30 mil/kg
Over 65 years 25 mil/kg

For example, if you’re 36 and you weigh 60 kg, your daily water needs will be approximately between 1.8 and 2.1 litres.

The easiest way to determine if fluid intake is sufficient is the colour of your urine. The cleaner and brighter it is, the better. If your urine is dark brown and yellow, most likely you are dehydrated and need to drink more water.

You can drink water at any time when you feel thirsty even minimal, but there are certain cases in which fluid intake brings additional benefits:js68256632

Drink about 0.5-1 litres of water before training. Start about two hours earlier and stop the reception 20 minutes before workout

Continue taking water during training – rather than sipping small sips every few minutes, drink 150-180 ml (for men) and 100-150 ml (for women), every 15 minutes of exercise;

Drink at least half a liter of water after a workout to help restore the lost fluids.

Water and Weight Loss

When you drink cold water, your body uses extra calories to warm the water up to body temperature. That doesn’t mean to drink freezing water!

Water optimises the metabolic processes which help burning fats. That is why it is important to start your day with a glass of fresh water.

Water keeps you full and improves the muscle tone

Drinking plenty of water is also great for your skin.  It flushes out all the impurities which will leave you with a glow and a great complexion.  You’ll also notice your skin looking younger and healthier.

Every time when you are hot and you sweat do not hesitate to reach for the glass of water.

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