8 Common Post Workout Mistakes

1. Skip the stretch

Once finished exercising, you must stretch the muscles that just been training. Stretching improves mobility and flexibility. Also, you will not only speed up your recovery but will also stimulate growth.


  1. Too much cardio

Including 20-30 minutes of cardio is good for your aerobic fitness, heart and fat loss. However, if you include too much cardio (40-60 min) with additional resistance training will upset the physiological and hormonal mechanisms responsible for muscle hypertrophy. Best perform it about five hours before or after you have completed your workout with weights.

  1. Too late post workout meal

After an intense workout, the body urgently needs nutrients, particularly amino acids and carbohydrates. They are necessary to repair damaged muscle cells and build new ones and to restore the damaged nervous system. Consume your post-workout meal as soon as possible for optimal recovery.


  1. Exclusion of simple carbohydrates

These carbohydrates are essential after a workout. They are utilised by the body much faster and serve to fill the depleted glycogen reserves in the muscles. They increase insulin levels and facilitate fast access to all relevant nutrients to cells. Fruits are great options. However, if you have some cravings for sweets or other junk foods after training is the best moment to enjoy it. Although unhealthy option it is very likely to be used by the body for energy instead of stored as fats.

  1. Ignore the whey protein

This protein is absorbed faster than any other protein sources and feeds the muscle cells with much-needed amino acids. It can be consumed anytime but always have one shake after training.


  1. Unnecessarily high consumption of fat

The goal of the post workout meal is for the carbohydrates and amino acids to reach the bloodstream and the relevant cells as quickly as possible. Because fat slows digestion, it would be a mistake to include too many of them in your after training meal.

  1. Supplement avoidance

The most important factors for an athlete are to diet, train and rest. However, a smart inclusion of some supplements will help you to progress much faster. Protein, creatine, omega-3, multivitamins can help you achieve your goals faster while maintaining optimal health.

  1. Insufficient rest

A short nap after a heavy workout is ideal allowing the muscles and nervous system to recover. This, of course, is virtually impossible for most of us. My advice is to avoid vigorous activities straight after a workout. Try to take some time to sit quietly and enjoy your post workout meal. Weight training is effective only when the body is able to rest enough to recover from it.

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