5 Fitness Mistakes when you trying to Burn Fats!

Mistake # 1: Focusing on the wrong exercises

Emphasis too much on isolated exercises like bicep curls, leg curls and so on which will train only one muscle or very small part of the body. Through these exercises, you do not stimulate enough muscle fibres and do not spend enough energy and therefore not using the full potential of your body. If you want to boost your metabolism and burn more calories you need to base your training program around another type of exercises. These are multi-joint exercises – squats, deadlifts, lunges, push-ups, etc. Through these complex movements that engage many muscle groups will stimulate much more muscle fibres than isolated exercises. This will increase power consumption and hence the fat burning.

Mistake # 2: Too much cardiohealth-and-fitness-mistakes

Are you making long and exhausting cardio workouts without much effect? It is true that if your goal is firming and slimming, it is nice to combine strength training with cardio, but there are a right way and a wrong way to do it. Long and gruelling cardio alone will bring mental fatigue and loss of muscle mass.

For me, the right way is the emphasis on strength training because they are behind the so-called after burn effect – the metabolism remains hectic hours after the workout. Furthermore, resistance training boosts the testosterone production which enhances fat burn.  If you wish to keep the cardio in your training program I will advise you to do it after the weight training or in the morning on an empty stomach. Maintain low-intensity cardio so the body can burn mainly fats and have more energy for the weight training. The duration of the session should be between 20 and 40 minutes, but no more. So combined training and good nutrition will give you optimal results.

Mistake # 3: Overtraining abdominalslonger

1, 2, 20, 50 … 500 crunches – boring and pointless. If you rely on traditional sit-ups and do them every day 100 times, this won’t help you achieve your 6-pack abs. The abdominal muscles are like any other muscle in the body and need rest. Although core muscles and the calves are highly resistant to fatigue you can reduce the repetitions and add some resistance. You will end up with bigger, stronger and more visible muscles.

Mistake # 4: Too long workouts

You are making too long strength training. I’ve seen people who train for hours and still not achieve the desired results. Why? Everything lies on a hormonal level. The perfect workout must be intense and brief and last but not least smart. You must arrange everything so your hormones can work for you. I personally do 4-5 strength training a week.

The duration of each is no more than 30-45 minutes (not including warm-up and cardio). In that case, I stimulate the right hormones and leave my body just to burn fat!

Mistake # 5: Fasting

Hungry person hand holding fork knife on food plate

“I won’t eat! This should work!” Bullshit! “I lost 3-5 pounds in a week!” And how long does it take to gain them back? I guess you’ve heard of yo-yo effect? The body is smart and extremely adaptable. Eat with quality and good food! This is the truth. Let me illustrate these words with an example.

Consider two different approaches.

First approach: I have a car but do not have much fuel to load it. Without fuel, the car will lose power and stop.

Second approach: I have a car and unlimited fuel. You can press the accelerator more and more without thinking about the fuel!

Did you guess yet? Our metabolism works in exactly the same way! When you give it enough food and energy, the body will work at full speed, and when you’re trying to take away the required energy it will slow the speed and lose weight slowly, and in some cases will just stop! In addition, you will lose muscle mass as well.

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