9 Great Exercises for Women

The exercises are usually arranged according to their purpose, which often differs in men and women. In today’s material will share some of the best exercises for the ladies as they usually aimed at firming and shaping buttocks, thighs and arms, so most of the exercises will be focused in this area.


Stiff-legged deadlift – this is undoubtedly one of the best exercises for tightening the buttock and back of the thighs. The exercise is often overlooked due to the fact that is considered dangerous to the lower back. The truth is that improper execution in each exercise is dangerous! With the right equipment and selected normal weight, you can get very good results and actually strengthen the lower back muscles too.

Squats – a great multi-joint exercise that works extremely well for thighs and the glute muscles. Squats are a very useful exercise for various reasons, mainly recommended due to high stress on the nervous system and the large consumption of calories. They have many advantages and can rarely encounter downsides unless are executed improperly.

Lunges – Lunges are very good exercise for firming the thighs, often mainly recommended for women, although everyone wants to tone up thighs. Lunges are very good for your body because it includes stabilising muscles (because you have to keep a good balance when performing them), which are often neglected in another type of workout for legs!

Push-ups – are a great exercise for the entire upper body. A regular performance with good load and technique can lead to pretty good results. They are preferred by women because it works on many muscles at the same time. Additionally, push-ups are great for strengthening the core muscles as the exercise is performed in plank position.


Bench dips – a preferred option among ladies, as standard version is quite difficult for them. Bench dips are a great exercise for shaping and firming the triceps. The exercise does not require very strict technique, but you should be careful with shoulder pain!

Pull ups – often overlooked exercise, which however has a huge contribution to tightening the biceps and shaping back muscles. Most women give up before they even try because they think is too hard or will make their backs wider. If you cannot do pull up use resistance bands to help you. And don’t worry about getting wide and muscular. It requires many years of heavy lifting and supplementation (not always legal) to look like that.

Jump Rope – mostly preferred because they burn a huge amount of calories. This type of cardio workout is very easy and even fun to implement. It can be performed almost anywhere and requires only a rope. It’s great for your calves too.glutridge

Hip thrust – probably the most neglected exercise among ladies. But if I have to choose the one exercise for the buttock this would be the glute bridge. Many research studies point out that this exercise recruits more muscle fibres in that area than any other.

Climbing stairs – is great and again underestimated activity as it tightens thighs and buttocks. Also, it is a type of cardio workout and therefore you can very quickly see progress in removing the excess weight and shaping your butt and whole body.

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