5 Common Causes for Lower Back Pain

At one point in our lives, most people experience pain in the lower back. Those who have experienced it know how painful it is.

Fortunately, most of the pain is self-limiting and resolves without specific treatment. However, at times it may be an indicator of serious problems that require medical attention. It can also become a chronic pain that has a permanent effect on your ability to train and function.

Prevention of back pain is important because the treatment is not always effective.

This article will introduce you 5 common of pain in the lower back and what to do for a full recovery.

Reason # 1: Obesity

Technically obesity does not cause back pain, but it is a risk factor for such. However, it is on the list because of its role as the cause in many cases of back pain. Many studies have shown that if you are obese, your risk of back pain is much greater than if you maintain a normal weight. If you lose weight is very likely (not always) to feel pain reduction. If you have an excessive amount of body fat, reducing it must be your primary goal whether you have back pain or not, because the damage to your health is much greater than the pain.

Reason # 2: Sprains and strainssdses_1

These injuries, known as musculoskeletal injuries to the back, are very common and may happen even by a daily activity. Just lifting of the box from the floor, lifting weight using a wrong technique or even sneezing can cause back injury.  Muscles or tendons injuries are usually accompanied by severe cramps, which can cause incredible pain. The recovery time varies from a few days to weeks or even months.

You can reduce the chances of such trauma by maintaining good muscle flexibility, and lift objects and weights with correct form (e.g. neutral spine, rather than allow it to bend).

If you do make such an injury, put ice on the affected area (20 minutes every few hours to 2-3 days after trauma), as this will help to drop the swelling. After 2-3 days, the heat will help the injured structures to recover. If possible, avoid movements that caused the injury in first place. During recovery try to be active as long as the body allows because lying in bed will make things worse.

Reason # 3: Disc herniation

The bones of the spine are separated by discs that act as a cushion to the vertebrae. Disc herniation can cause pain. If the outer part of the disk is damaged, the inner part can shift and pressed the nerves that go from the spine. This can cause pain in your legs, known as radiculopathy.7

Age is one of the main reasons for this, but smoking increases the risk of disc injuries. To prevent such injuries train wisely, train with reasonable weights and stop smoking. If you already have such problems treatment ranges from physical therapy and medications to surgery. Note that the surgery is often ineffective and have to think very well before you decide on such a step, regardless of the recommendations of your doctor.

Reason # 4: Muscle imbalance and poor posture

Standing can lead to pain. When you sit for a long time, especially when your head and shoulders are projecting forward (as most people work desks), the muscles around the hips can be tight and cause you pain. The pain may worsen if the muscles of your abdomen or around the spine are weak because they support the spine.

Maintain good posture and neutral spine, keeping your muscles and your body flexible and avoiding prolonged sitting will reduce the risk of back pain.

Reason # 5: Osteoarthritis

Arthritis is a general term that describes many different diseases causing pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints. Osteoarthritis is the term used for arthritic bones.  Facet joint arthritis, which binds to the vertebrae, could cause friction between the bone and lead to severe pain. The friction can form bone spurs that compress nerves. Age, obesity, diabetes and genetics are risk factors for arthritis of the spine.

Again, it’s about protecting and although you cannot do much about genetics and years, keeping fit and flexible will certainly help.

Generally, the best way to reduce your back pain is to have a healthy lifestyle. While this is no guarantee that will heal you, it will help improve other aspects of health and fitness.

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