5 Fundamental Core and Abdominal Exercises for Beginners (Part 1)

There are dozens of exercises to help you shape your waist and working on the different core muscles. The key to success is to use a combination of various movements together in corresponding series. This will not only get you tight abs, but will make you more flexible, more active and energized.

In this part I will suggest you two exercises with proven efficiency with the necessary dose of persistence in combination with proper diet can guarantee you tight abdominal and core muscles.

  1. Plank

14150351The plank is like the push up but without any movements. You can rest on your elbows. Make sure to keep your spine in neutral by engaging the core. You should feel tension on the entire front torso. Do not make any moves. The goal is to keep this position as long as possible. If you find it too easy you can maintain the plank position with one leg off the floor. You can progress further by lifting one of your arms. You can perform the plank sideways to work on your obliques too. Check for how long you can hold and try to make at least 3 sets twice a week. Try to improve slightly your time after each session. The longer you manage to keep in this position day after day, the stronger your abdominal muscles become.

  1. Hanging knee raises68945

Great exercise focusing on the problematic lower parts of the abdominal muscles. The classic leg raises actually work more on your hip flexors rather than core muscles. To avoid this problem make sure your starting position is with hips and knees already bend at 90 degrees. From that position just lift the legs towards your chest in a controlled motion and pause at the top for an extra squeeze. Try not to swing your body. Control the movement on the way down and try to explode from the starting position on the way up. This exercise works on the abdominal muscles, but it also helps to improve the control of the pelvis. The abdominal muscles together with the calves are extremely resilient due to its constant use. These muscles usually require higher rep range and more often training to get better results. You can lift your legs sideways to emphasis on the oblique muscles.

Make sure to check part 2 for more exercises.

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