Best Foods that Fight Stress

Stress and pain make millions of lives a living hell. Increased complaints of excessive stress and anxiety can make it chronic and more difficult to deal with. As a result, mental and physical problems appear, often in combination with chronic pain – usually in the form of osteoarthritis and lower back pain.

What is the role of diet in the fight against stress? Many people are turning to junk food in an attempt to feel better. But since it mainly contains fat, sugar and salt, the benefits of which are quite short (to the extent they exist) and the health damage in the long run – much greater.i877865

Yet there are healthy foods that can help you when you are stressed. They naturally will not eliminate all problems like a magic wand, but it will improve your health and reduce the negative effects of problems such as insomnia, depression, anxiety and cardiovascular diseases. Here are some examples:

Turkey, shrimp, dairy products, soybeans, pumpkin seeds – they are high in the amino acid tryptophan, which acts favourably on the production of “happiness hormone” serotonin, thus reducing depression and anxiety strong.

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and asparagus – these vegetables are packed with folic acid, which it is associated with the production of serotonin.y8756

Dairy products, direct sunlight and other sources of vitamin D improve serotonin levels by increasing the number of enzymes that convert tryptophan into the “hormone of happiness”.

Oatmeal and other foods high in complex carbohydrates can stimulate the brain so that it can report the secretion of serotonin. Slow digestive carbohydrates are more appropriate than fast digestive (simple sugars) as they allow a constant supply of this hormone.

Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables like oranges, grapefruit, green and red peppers help to reduce levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline in the blood.

Crunchy vegetables, such as carrots and radishes, combat stress in a rather interesting way – the feeling you get from munching them unconsciously calms you down.17064

Fatty fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna is loaded with omega 3 which is important to control the adrenaline levels and reduce anxiety and keep you calm.

If you know other nutrients that can help to beat the stress let us know.

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